About Us

Contour, LLC is a Utah-based Action Sports Camera company 

Contour cameras were among the very first in the Point of View Camera market and have since embodied the style and innovation camera owners have loved for over ten years. Today, Contour is proud to manufacture a camera that enables modern day explorers, sportsmen and women, adventurers, professionals and amateurs to tell their video story of action, adventure and travel.

Contour’s predecessor grew from two people to one of the fastest growing companies in the US, making #7 on the Inc. 500 in 2011. When the predecessor ran into trouble late last year, a passionate Contour camera owner purchased the predecessor’s assets to ensure that the world’s best action cameras remained in the market and available to users. Contour entered into a new, exciting era under new ownership, has moved to the mountains of Utah and has hired a new world class team.

‘The aim is clear: to create a world-class company to support this world-class product; to recover Contour’s position in the market and to continue our long tradition of being at the forefront of product innovation; to bring to market this beautifully simple yet ultimately professional product – the world’s best action camera.’
James Clarke, CEO